3rd Annual SecureWorld Government Virtual Conference

June 21, 2023 | USA

3rd Annual SecureWorld Government Virtual Conference
State, Local, Tribal and Territorial (SLTT) governments face the threat of continuous cyber-attacks from numerous groups with different intentions to disrupt their ability to provide services and support to citizens. Citizens trust an rely on their governments to provide and maintain services that they rely on for essential life sustainment and emergencies. In recent decades research and investments in technology to enhance methods, solutions, and equipment have improved service delivery and emergency response operations provided by governments.



Florida Public Sector Cybersecurity Summit 2023

September 14, 2023 | USA

Cyber-attacks have increased dramatically over the last few years. The 2023 Florida Public Sector Cybersecurity Summit provides an opportunity for government technology professionals to learn about the latest efforts to defend, respond and recover from cyber criminals who wish to do harm. The Summit, hosted by the Florida Digital Service Agency will include cybersecurity leaders from state and local government throughout Florida.

ChatGPT and Beyond: The Generative AI Summit for State and Local Government

May 23, 2023 | USA

Generative AI is becoming a disruptive force across all industries as it revolutionizes how we interact with machines and automates the creation of images, text, audio and more. The impact on state and local government operations will likely be profound as more use cases emerge. Automated writing assistance, speech recognition, virtual assistance, sentiment analysis, simulation and modeling … the list goes on. However, the technology is not currently well understood and there are understandable questions regarding policy, ethics and process.

Global Government Finance Summit

June 6-7, 2023 | Morocco

The Global Government Finance Summit is a unique event that each year brings together Permanent Secretary-level civil servants from finance ministries around the world. Delegates discuss their domestic financial and regulatory challenges; issues facing governments around the globe. Exploring potential solutions, senior level participants take advantage of this confidential and informal space to share their experiences, concerns and opportunities.

New Jersey Digital Government Summit 2023

May 16, 2023 | USA

The Digital Government Summit brings together technology focused public-sector professionals with leading industry partners to connect on innovative approaches, get inspired and discover new technologies. Join us and let’s improve the future of government together!