8th Annual FST Government New South Wales Summit

8th Annual FST Government New South Wales Summit
NSW is still looked to as the trailblazer for digital government in Australia, with Service NSW and Cyber Security NSW seen as the ‘gold standard’ for what the country’s eGovernments should be delivering to its citizens. Many are wondering what could be next in store for NSW’s digital front, and what are its latest priorities for customer experience, data, and upscaling capabilities and services. Find out what’s on the horizon at FST Government’s New South Wales 2023 conference, where there’ll be the opportunity to hear from thought leaders across NSW’s public sector to explore the Government’s innovation expectations and the progression of its digital transformation initiatives.



State of Technology - Texas Industry Forum 2023

August 31, 2023 | USA

Attention all trailblazing tech sales and marketing leaders in Texas! Get ready for the most informative and innovative industry event of the year, coming to Austin, August 31. This half-day event brings together Center for Digital Government market analysts and key government leaders to unveil their forecasts on future initiatives impacting IT across the state. Designed for sales and marketing leaders, the Forum will provide insights to help turbocharge business strategies and validate sales and marketing activities. Why attend?

Inaugural FST Government ASEAN Summit

October 25, 2023 | Singapore

FSTGov’s first foray into the government developments across the Southeast Asian region is set to shed a light on the digital innovation and pipelines that are not only modernising each nation individually, but also show notable levels of transnational cooperation unique to the association that enable strategic delivery. Held where many consider the digital hub of the APAC region, the Inaugural FST Government ASEAN Summit 2023 in Singapore will trace the shift from a sector that solely focused on ICT – mainly infrastructure, telecommunications and network security – to one that now incorporates a total digital economy and society transformation.

Mississippi Digital Government Summit 2023

September 12, 2023 | USA

The Digital Government Summit brings together technology focused public-sector professionals with leading industry partners to connect on innovative approaches, get inspired and discover new technologies. Join us and let’s improve the future of government together!

9th Annual FST Government Australia 2023

November 8, 2023 | Australia

Off the back of digital transforming services implemented in transport, health and finance sectors in 2022, FST Government’s Australia Summit 2023 will address the next steps in the Government’s digital strategy. We’ll bring together esteemed thought leaders and technologists from around the globe to explore the Federal Government’s digital innovation pipeline, its pledge to transform government services and how it will build on digital skills and capabilities brought to light during the pandemic.