HUD Federal Coaching Conference

June 28-29, 2016 | USA

Hear from industry and Federal leaders as they discuss the basics of coaching – what it is/is not, what it means to be a coach in today’s Federal work space and how coaching can be used to engage, transform, and motivate. Whether you’re familiar with coaching or interested in learning more, this forum is designed for you.


Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo announces the creation of the Iran Action Group, at the Department of State, on August 16, 2018.



March 29-31, 2022 | USA

The Government Social Media Conference (GSMCON) is heading to Dallas, Texas, in spring 2022, as public sector social media professionals meet together in-person again! We’re planning a special hybrid event for our 7th annual GSMCON to accommodate participants both in-person at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel and online.

Future of Work: Public Service in the Digital Age

July 21, 2022 | USA

Of the groups most heavily affected by the COVID pandemic, few have seen a greater shift in their roles, responsibilities, and daily lives than federal employees. For some, the changes have been as small as working from a new location. For others, as dramatic as rethinking their entire role and responsibilities. The unifying factor, however, is the sheer scope of issues at hand: what it means to be in public service has grown exponentially, and so often, the understanding of what that requires has not followed. This spring, join Government Executive and Nextgov as they break down some of these challenges, and seek solutions for the many affected by them. From emerging trends in technology to the workforce, and everything in between, the sheer quantity of issues is matched only by their many complexities, and shows no signs of slowing down. Join us as we hear agency leaders in all forms, from one on one discussions, to panels on the state of key issues, and seek to define public service for the digital age, and one that’s ready for the future of work.

Washington Technology Top 100: The Big Reveal

June 8, 2022 | USA

Enjoy cocktails and networking as we unveil the 2022 Washington Technology Top 100. These are the companies that dominate the government market and are the gateway to growing business in the federal sector. This happy hour, which immediately follow Government Marketing University's GAIN Conference will feature a Top 10 countdown of the largest contractors on the list, who capture billions in prime contracts each year from defense and civilian agencies. The countdown will be followed by a one-on-one interview with a leading CEO from the Top 10 who will share insights on their strategy, challenges and trends impacting the entire market. This will be an in- depth discussion with exclusive insights into how a leading company is positioning itself for success in the market. There also will be plenty of networking opportunities giving you a chance to reconnect face-to-face with long-time partners as well as meet new ones. And of course, your competitors will be there too. Don't miss this important gathering of the government contracting community -- and be sure to check out the full day of programming at GAIN.

Government Customer Experience & Engagement Summit

June 22, 2022 | USA

For almost three decades, governments at all levels have been working to improve the way they deliver services and benefits and engage with their customers---both internal and external. Efforts from past administrations focused on modernizing infrastructures and improving digital delivery, as well as gathering feedback from the public on how well the services were delivered. The Biden Administration has made customer experience one of its three main management goals and has issued an executive order that requires specific actions from the lead agencies, the High Impact Service Providers (HISPs). These new directives reawakened the un-met requirements in the 21st Century Integrated Digital Experiences Act (IDEA), signed into law December 2018, and set the agenda for agencies to improve performance and build trust with their customers. At this event, experts from government and industry will share some of the approaches that have been successful and explore how technology can help expand the digital delivery of services and improve the trust customers have in those services.


Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo announces the creation of the Iran Action Group, at the Department of State, on August 16, 2018.