Lynx Technology, a San Diego-based SBA 8(a), Introduced Government Software Development and Services

Lynx Technology | April 29, 2021

Lynx Technology, an IoT shrewd home, media worker arrangement, and application development organization, today declared the authority dispatch of its administrations expected to help nearby, state, territorial, and government offices and project workers with a mobile application, API, and programming development.

"Lynx was established to convey groundbreaking technology to various enterprises," said John Driver, CEO of Lynx Technology. "By utilizing the information we acquired effectively working with worldwide technology makers and specialist organizations in the course of the most recent twenty years, we are sure that administration offices needing programming development and mobile applications will discover Lynx to be a phenomenal cooperate with an interesting point of view and creative arrangements."

Situated in San Diego, Lynx Technology is an SBA 8(a) Certified firm. Moreover, Lynx is confirmed as a Small Business (SB) by the CA State Department of General Services, (DGS), a Caltrans Certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE), a Minority-Owned Business, and Black American Owned Business. (DUNS: 079831093 and CAGE: 7VFR1).

Lynx Technology gives the best, most expert groundbreaking technology with administrations like Mobile Development; API Development/Integration; Web and Server Development; Embedded Software; Development; and Technology Support, and is a significant asset to supplement or enhance IT prime project workers or direct to government offices.


Lynx Technology gives groundbreaking technology including creative IoT savvy home and media worker streaming, stockpiling, and the executives for purchaser gadgets organizations and specialist co-ops. As an SBA 8(a) and California Small Business affirmed San Diego-based organization, Lynx likewise offers proficient administrations for mobile application, API, and programming development for government offices and their great project workers.


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Intuit Responds to Complaint from U.S. Federal Trade Commission

Intuit | March 29, 2022

Intuit Inc., the global technology platform that makes TurboTax, QuickBooks, Mint, Credit Karma and Mailchimp, announced that it will vigorously challenge a complaint filed in the U.S. District Court in the Northern District of California by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC). In its filing, the FTC inaccurately alleges Intuit’s advertising practices directed consumers who were eligible for free tax filing software from TurboTax or the IRS Free File Program to the company’s paid tax preparation products. The facts say otherwise. The FTC’s arguments are simply not credible. Far from steering taxpayers away from free tax preparation offerings, our free advertising campaigns have led to more Americans filing their taxes for free than ever before and have been central to raising awareness of free tax prep. Over the past eight years, TurboTax products have helped nearly 100 million Americans file their taxes for free, and our most recent free advertising campaign has only accelerated the use of TurboTax free offerings, driving approximately 60% growth from 11 million free filers in 2018 before the campaign launched to more than 17 million free filers in 2021.” Kerry McLean, executive vice president and general counsel of Intuit In fact, Intuit has always supported consumers filing for free as a founding member of the IRS Free File program and in our other practices. The FTC’s complaint fails to acknowledge the reality that Intuit was, at all times, in compliance with the IRS requirements. “The fact that Intuit complied with the rules and regulations of one government agency, but is now being targeted by another, demonstrates a significant disconnect. With the FTC’s action, companies will be much less willing to enter into public-private partnerships with the government that benefit consumers,” said McLean. Intuit continually sought and continues to seek ways to increase the number of taxpayers that file using its free tax preparation products. Last tax season alone, Intuit delivered 17 million free tax filings, the most in the industry. Intuit helped the IRS Free File organization far exceed its stated goals of making free tax preparation available to 70% of filers. Today, free tax preparation is currently available to 100% of American taxpayers. That program, created and governed by the IRS, established marketing requirements for all participants. As a longtime advocate for tax simplification and taxpayer access to free tax preparation, the facts of the case do not support the FTC’s claims. “While it is disappointing that the FTC chose to file this lawsuit, we look forward to presenting the facts in court and are confident in the merits of our position,” said McLean. In its decision to file a claim against Intuit, the FTC commissioners were not unanimous. About Intuit Intuit is the global technology platform that helps consumers and small businesses overcome their most important financial challenges. Serving more than 100 million customers worldwide with TurboTax, QuickBooks, Mint, Credit Karma, and Mailchimp, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to prosper. We never stop working to find new, innovative ways to make that possible. Please visit us for the latest information about Intuit, our products and services, and find us on social.

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Aminad and Axiom Sponsor Veteran-Owned Emerging Firms for Public Spend Forum's GovMarket Growth Hub

Public Spend Forum | May 19, 2022

Public Spend Forum (PSF), a market intelligence data, advisory and community platform for public sector buyers and diverse/emerging suppliers, is excited to announce a sponsorship by Aminad Consulting and Axiom Consultants for its GovMarket Growth Hub, specifically focused on Veteran-Owned Firms. Both Axiom and Aminad are fast growing, minority-owned small businesses that serve multiple federal agencies through their expertise driven consulting services in operations and technology. They join a growing list of sponsors and large corporate clients supporting emerging and diverse small businesses through Public Spend Forum's Growth Hub. The Growth Hub is focused on helping diverse and underserved businesses accelerate innovation and growth so they can become more resilient, create more jobs in their communities and drive more impact for government missions. "We're excited to see two amazing small businesses supporting our veterans and giving back through these sponsorships," said Raj Sharma. "They are really setting an example of leadership and how we can all work together to create positive impact for government and small businesses." As part of the sponsorships, up to 20 Veteran-Owned Companies will join Public Spend Forum's Growth Hub and get: Membership into PSF's Open Global Community including its Buyer/Supplier Councils AI-enabled Opportunity and Customer Matching subscription, through PSF's GovShop market intelligence platform Access to strategy, sales and human performance coaching designed to help small businesses accelerate their growth Veteran-owned companies focused broadly within the IT sector, especially bringing AI, cloud computing and cyber solutions are encouraged to apply through a simple, three question application process. Aminad Consulting believes deeply in the power of small business, as well as the high potential of Veteran-Owned businesses. Any opportunity to provide coaching and mentorship to those communities fulfills Aminad's vision of unlocking full potential and making lasting and positive impacts on people's lives." Lido Ramadan, Founder and President of Aminad Consulting "Axiom Consultants believes in Paying It Forward. As we receive mentorship from PSF's network of leaders and experts to help shape us as business leaders and catapult our company to the next level, we would like to pass on our lessons learned and nurture emerging younger companies who have high-potential of growth," said Bhavana Rakesh, CEO of Axiom Consultants. About Public Spend Forum Public Spend Forum (PSF) is a market intelligence data, community and advisory platform to help government buyers and emerging/diverse small businesses connect, collaborate and accelerate impact together. Our purpose is to accelerate impact for government missions while driving growth for diverse and emerging small businesses by lowering barriers, increasing market visibility and enabling access. We do this through AI-enabled market data, growth and market intelligence advisory services, and an open buyer/supplier community. About Aminad Consulting Aminad is an innovative small-business management consulting firm dedicated to generating realistic and implementable change. We work with Federal agencies, with a specific focus on the Department of Defense, and we have a track record of delivering results within the Federal government. About Axiom Consultants To accelerate their mission with actionable insights, organizations must embrace intelligent, tech-enabled systems across every facet of their business. Axiom Consultants thrives in developing purposeful solutions that are customer-focused and mission-driven, modernizing and accelerating innovation for our Federal Customers. Our solutions are based on a culture of quality and continuous improvement. Axiom takes center stage with best-in-class, data-driven solutions. Axiom enables its clients to improve their IT modernization capabilities by rendering top-of-the-line consultancy services to adopt emerging technologies, Cloud, cybersecurity, business transformation, and other solutions.

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Hayden AI Accepted into AWS GovTechStart, Amazon Web Services (AWS) Government Technology Accelerator

Hayden AI Technologies, Inc. | April 26, 2022

Hayden AI, an emerging leader in smart enforcement technologies powered by artificial intelligence is excited to announce that it has been officially been accepted into AWS GovTechStart, the Amazon Web Services (AWS) government technology (GovTech) accelerator, focused on helping eligible U.S. businesses build the next generation of technology solutions for state and local government agencies using the power of the AWS Cloud. AWS cloud storage allows Hayden AI not only to scale more quickly, but to do it smartly, safety, and securely. Leveraging AWS' Well Architected Framework and Shared Responsibility model will help us place strong security and compliance safeguards in place to protect client data and privacy, and to continually review, assess, and refine our privacy and security posture by leveraging the best-in-class tools AWS offers us." Chris Carson, Hayden AI Founder and CEO Hayden AI Accepted into AWS GovTechStart, Amazon Web Services (AWS) Government Technology Accelerator AWS launched its AWS GovTechStart accelerator to enable startups to use tailored benefits to scale faster, including technical training and support, access to a national community of GovTech experts, AWS Promotional Credit, and more. About Hayden AI Hayden AI is bridging the innovation gap in transportation management by combining artificial intelligence with mobile sensors that have the ability to see and reason in 3D. We're enabling innovative cities to improve urban mobility and enhance the quality of life of their communities by making traffic flow more safely and reliably.

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Credo AI Announces the World's First Responsible AI Governance Platform

Credo AI | April 27, 2022

Credo AI, the company behind the world's first comprehensive and contextual governance solution for AI, announced the availability of its Responsible AI Platform, a SaaS-product that empowers organizations with tools to standardize and scale their approach to Responsible AI. While standards, benchmarks, and clear regulatory regulations are still emerging, many organizations are struggling to put their AI principles into practice and determine what "good" looks like for their AI systems. Credo AI's Responsible AI platform helps companies operationalize Responsible AI by providing context-driven AI risk and compliance assessment wherever they are in their AI journey. Credo AI helps cross-functional teams align on Responsible AI requirements for fairness, performance, transparency, privacy, security and more based on business and regulatory context by selecting from out-of-the-box, use-case-driven Policy guardrails. Moreover, the platform makes it easy for teams to evaluate whether their AI use cases are meeting those requirements through technical assessments of ML models, datasets and interrogation of development processes. The platform, which was built on cross-industry learnings in both regulated and unregulated spaces, is complemented by Credo AI Lens, Credo AI's open source assessment framework that makes comprehensive Responsible AI assessment more structured and interpretable for organizations of all sizes. The release of Credo AI's Responsible AI Platform also includes the following features: Seamless assessment integrations: Credo AI ingests programmatic model and dataset assessments from Credo AI Lens and automatically translates them into risk scores across identified AI risk areas such as fairness, performance, privacy, and security Multi-stakeholder alignment: Credo AI brings together product, data science, and oversight teams to align on the right governance requirements based on business and regulatory context Tunable risk-based oversight: Credo AI allows teams to fine-tune the level of human-in-the-loop governance needed based on the use case risk level Out-of-the-Box Regulatory readiness: Credo AI provides gap analysis across out-of-the-box guardrails that operationalize industry standards, as well as existing and upcoming regulations Assurance and attestation: Credo AI serves as a central repository for governance evidence automates creation of critical governance artifacts, including audit trails of decision provenance, Model and AI Use Case Cards, and attested AI risk and compliance reports AI Vendor Risk Management: Credo AI also makes it easy for organizations to assess the AI risk and compliance of third party AI/ML products and models via a dedicated vendor risk assessment portal Credo AI aims to be a sherpa for enterprises in their Responsible AI initiatives to bring oversight and accountability to Artificial intelligence, and define what good looks like for their AI framework. We've pioneered a context-centric, comprehensive, and continuous solution to deliver Responsible AI. Enterprises must align on Responsible AI requirements across diverse stakeholders in technology and oversight functions, and take deliberate steps to demonstrate action on those goals and take responsibility for the outcomes." Navrina Singh, founder and CEO of Credo AI Multiple AI government regulations are on the horizon, including the European Union's Artificial Intelligence Act (AIA), and New York City's bill that states that AI employment decision tools need to be audited for bias before January 1, 2023. Organizations need to responsibly leverage or build their AI governance framework in anticipation of these and other evolving government regulations. To date, AI Governance has been manual, unscalable, and incapable of providing the oversight needed to prevent AI from behaving in unintended ways. This leaves enterprises exposed to extreme risk and operational overhead, creating a desire for a new solution. Credo AI's Responsible AI Platform is the first AI Governance platform that creates accountability structures throughout the AI lifecycle, from data acquisition to model deployment. With Credo AI, governance enables organizations to deploy AI systems faster while managing risk exposure. Credo AI Lens Credo AI Lens is an open-source Responsible AI (RAI) assessment framework. It provides a single entrypoint to a curated ecosystem of assessments developed by Credo AI and the broader open-source community. Lens covers diverse AI risk areas including fairness, security, performance, transparency and others, which can be assessed on many model and dataset types. In addition, Lens is extensible, and easily augmented with custom modules derived from other tools or proprietary code. By standardizing AI assessment, Lens makes it easy for ML practitioners to integrate RAI assessment of models and datasets into their existing workflow, and accelerates the time to productionize new solutions. When paired with the Responsible AI governance platform, Lens assessments are translated into an actionable form understandable by diverse stakeholders, making the development of AI systems a more collaborative process. With Credo AI, organizations are able to better understand and troubleshoot potential governance blindspots within their AI applications, ML models, dataset, and processes. Existing customers have access to the available version and full list of features of Credo AI Responsible AI Governance. About Credo AI Founded in 2020, Credo AI is a venture-backed company on a mission to empower organizations to deliver Responsible AI (RAI) at scale. Credo AI brings context-driven governance and risk assessment to ensure compliant, fair, transparent and auditable development and use of AI. Credo AI's Intelligent SaaS platform empowers enterprises to measure, monitor and manage AI introduced risks at scale. Credo AI enables organizations to create AI with the highest ethical standards, so that they are able to capture its tremendous benefits while mitigating unintended negative consequences. Credo AI customers include one of the largest cloud providers, a Fortune 500 Global financial services and one of the largest defense contractors among other Global 2000s.

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