Noblis Launches RunGrants™ to Help Federal Agencies Modernize the Grants Management Lifecycle

Noblis | September 27, 2021

Noblis Launches RunGrants™ to Help Federal Agencies Modernize the Grants Management Lifecycle
Noblis, Inc., a leading provider of science, technology and strategy services to the federal government, today announced the launch of its RunGrants™ solution to automate, streamline and expedite the grants management process from end-to-end. A Cloud-based grants solution, it centralizes relevant data to improve decision making and can be configured to meet unique agency and mission needs. RunGrants is the third offering announced within Noblis' Run solutions suite which helps government agencies and clients employ automation and analytics to streamline complex workflows, expedite and improve decision making and achieve broader IT modernization goals.

"Funding from federal grants programs powers a wide range of critical public and private initiatives. Prioritizing and funding these initiatives to ensure that the most critical needs are met at the right time and in the best interest of the public can be challenging. RunGrants was developed with this in mind. It provides a clear, modern and user-friendly method for submitting and tracking grant applications to help stakeholders on both sides of the process from application submission, to evaluation, to selection."

Mile Corrigan, senior vice president, Noblis' Federal Civil Solutions

For more than a decade, Noblis has been helping to automate the federal grants lifecycle. With RunGrants, this expertise translates to a cloud-based solution that is:
  • Automated – Delivers speed and accuracy improvements while reducing the need for management intervention in a highly secure platform.
  • Standards-Based – Consolidates data for greater interoperability and support for modernization goals.
  • Flexible – A low-code framework to easily customize for workflows, reports and functionality to match each agency's unique environment.
  • Data-Driven – Gives managers and agency leadership deep insight into every aspect of the grants process for better awareness and decision making.
  • Cost-Effective – Software-as-a-Service model means predictable costs, regular maintenance and improvements that keep up with evolving demands and a streamlined acquisition process.

About the Run with Noblis Solutions Suite
The Run with Noblis solutions suite addresses the evolving needs of federal agencies with the speed, performance and scale of digital solutions that create insights, automate workflows, streamline processes and drive greater outcomes. Learn more at

About Noblis
Noblis is a dynamic science, technology and strategy organization dedicated to creating forward-thinking technical and advisory solutions in the public interest. We bring the best of scientific thought, management and engineering expertise together in an environment of independence and objectivity to deliver enduring impact on federal missions. Noblis works with a wide range of government clients in the defense, homeland security, intelligence, law enforcement and federal civil sectors. Together with our subsidiaries, we tackle the nation's toughest problems and apply advanced solutions to our clients' most critical missions.


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A short video presenting the new Consumer Protection website and its features.