SAP Federal Forum

October 17, 2023 | USA

SAP Federal Forum
With advancements in technology, evolutions in workforce expectations, and unprecedented threats, the work of the federal government is constantly changing. Each year, leaders are tasked with protecting their role as stewards to the American people and challenged to rethink how government meets this mission.

Join us on Tuesday, March 7th to learn more about the current state of the federal government, leadership priorities, and case studies in transformation efforts. You will leave with a better understanding of how experts are approaching disruptions in supply chain, new applications of data analytics and machine learning, and enhancing the employee experience.
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Advancing New and Emerging Technologies in Government

October 18, 2023 | UK

GovTech 2023, co-located with both the Quantum Advantage Summit and the Government Data Conference, aims to bridge the gap between public policy and cutting-edge technology. We bring together digital, data and emerging technology leaders in the QEII Centre, London in October 2023 to explore the challenges and successes of implementing new and emerging technologies in the public sector.
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Alaska Digital Government Summit 2023

October 5, 2023 | USA

We face unprecedented levels of information technology opportunity and challenges. Bringing the Digital Government Summit to Alaska provides an opportunity for us to learn from one another and identify ways to better serve citizens and businesses. I hope you are able to join us as we share information with one another and explore the many possibilities in front of us.
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Michigan Digital Government Summit 2023

September 28, 2023 | USA

The Digital Government Summit brings together technology focused public-sector professionals with leading industry partners to connect on innovative approaches, get inspired and discover new technologies. Join us and let’s improve the future of government together!
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9th Annual FST Government Australia 2023

November 8, 2023 | Australia

Off the back of digital transforming services implemented in transport, health and finance sectors in 2022, FST Government’s Australia Summit 2023 will address the next steps in the Government’s digital strategy. We’ll bring together esteemed thought leaders and technologists from around the globe to explore the Federal Government’s digital innovation pipeline, its pledge to transform government services and how it will build on digital skills and capabilities brought to light during the pandemic.
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