. https://government.report/Resources/Whitepapers/554e2bcf-40e7-49d1-abda-f488febd5dbf_2018-farm-bill-white-paper.pdf
The 115th Congress is faced with the important task of writing a new farm bill in 2018 to replace the current bill (The Agricultural Act of 2014; PL-113-79), which expires Sept. 30. The current five-year farm bill was estimated by the Congressional Budget Office to have a 10-year budgetary cost of $956 billion from 2014 to 2023. Rather than saving $16.6 billion as initially projected, the current farm bill is on target to contribute more than $100 billion to deficit reduction. The farm bill plays an important role in stabilizing our nation’s farmers and ranchers, assisting many rural communities, and meeting the nutritional needs of millions of lower-income Americans. Thousands of community banks and their agricultural and rural customers are also significantly affected by farm bill policies. DOWNLOAD