. https://government.report/Resources/Whitepapers/ce3c52d4-1579-4c23-b50e-beff8a75c3ba_022014-white-paper-goals.pdf
The Texas Freight Mobility Plan (TFMP) will provide the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) with a road map for enhancing freight mobility throughout Texas in an effort to improve the State’s economic competitiveness. A critical component of creating the TFMP is the development of goals, objectives, and performance measures that will help TxDOT prioritize projects and guide investment decisions. It is important that the TFMP goals, objectives, and performance measures are not created in isolation; instead their development should be informed by, and aligned with, other State plans and national policies that already exist or are in development. Specif cally, the TFMP must be consistent with: 1. Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21); 2. The TxDOT Strategic Plan; 3. The Statewide Long-Range Transportation Plan (Texas Transportation Plan (TTP)); and 4. Other Statewide Plans with a Freight Component. While these plans and policies provide the basis for establishing TFMP goals, objectives, and performance measures, stakeholder input must also be integrated into their development. Additionally, as illustrated in Exhibit 1, it is important to recognize the interrelationship between the establishment of these strategic elements and the identif cation of needs and priorities. DOWNLOAD